MCP Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the MCP Login:

Follow These Steps to access your MCP account:

1. First Enter the MCP Login address or URL into the address bar of your browser:

2. Then on the empty text field that says 'SOMEONE@EXAMPLE.COM', enter your Username or your Email Address

3. Next on the empty text field that says PASSWORD, enter your Password

4. Click or tick off the box next to KEEP ME SIGNED so you don’t have to login each time you access your account

5. Finally, click the SIGN IN button to proceed to your account


Are you having trouble loggin in to your account:

If you're still having trouble logging in, you can follow these steps to retrieve or reset your PASSWORD.

1. Under the SIGN IN button, click the link that says CAN'T ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT? 

2. Then follow the instructions there and provide the needed information to retrieve or reset your Password. 

3. In this case, you have to enter in your Microsoft Username and a CAPTCHA keyword to reset your PASSWORD

4. Click on the NEXT button to proceed to the next step and reset your password


Still having trouble logging in? Not to worry, simply contact Microsoft Partner directly and get help with your MCP Login:

Find answers to your questions about the Microsoft Partner Network by asking a virtual support agent. You can also contact a Regional Service Center (RSC) agent through the Partner Support Community or by using the icons on this page:

Note: Beginning July 1, 2013, email support will be phased out for all partners, and phone support will be limited to partners with competencies or Microsoft Action Pack subscriptions. Email support for all partners and phone support for partners without a competency or an Action Pack subscription will be replaced by an RSC agent–supported forum in the Partner Support Community.

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